Fad / Phase / Obsession

Here are some things which fall under at least one of the above categories – shared with you, from my experiences.

Name: Lucozade (Original)
Time Frame: Between the ages of 4-6
Notes: Ummmmm…. PRETTY sure that neither my mother or I truly understood a) that it was an energy drink, and b) it contains waaaaaaay too much sugar for any human, let alone a pre-schooler.

Name: Violet Crumble (Bag Size)
Time Frame: From first bite, til November 2010.
Notes: In November 2010, Nestlé included Violet Crumble bags on their list of deleted products.

Name: Violet Crumble
Time Frame: March 2019 – current day*
Notes: In March 2019, bags of Violet Crumble adorned supermarket shelves again

Name: Coola Cordial
Time Frame: From about the age of 11
Notes: This was the supposed ‘healthy’ substitute my mother chose instead of ordering soft drinks from Loys.

Name: Lime & Chili Muncheros
Time Frame: Between the ages 16-18
Notes: A short lived phenomenon (to the whole of Australia), and one that is probably remembered more for their commercials and accompanying catchy jingle (click here).

Name: Phở
Time Frame: Sadly, only the past 11 years. Joyfully, for the past 11 years.
Notes: My sole response to the question, “What would be your last meal?”

Name: Meat Pie
Time Frame: Grade Prep onwards – after the excitement of receiving my first ever canteen order.
Notes: It was 1981, and I washed it down with a Hi-C juice box, and the total order came to 85 cents.

Name: Special Mentions
Time Frame: Throughout the course of my life
Notes – in no particular order or length of obsession: Cinnamon Donuts, Hubba Bubba, Banana Big M, Kate Moss, Cinnamon Donuts, Lebanese Food, Salt & Vinegar Chips, Cinnamon Donuts, Saganaki, X-Files, Strawberry Quick, Tang, Cinnamon Donuts, E-Type Jags, Bagels, Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs.

When it got to a point that even the slightest thought of some food resulted in uncontrolled salivation, I did whatever it took to get my fix or worked out to get it sooner – such as the prime example below.

Fellow housekeepers, I take joy in presenting, “How to cook a meat pie in 3 and half minutes. using nothing more than a plate, a paper towel, and a microwave.”

Yes, a microwave… and YES, it will have the required/goes without saying, crispy pastry^.

It may take a few attempts to get it just right, as it depends on your pie of preference, the quality/type of paper towel you use, and of course, the wattage of your microwave.

I will also say that it is worth it – many, many times over.

Name: Microwave Meat Pie
Time Frame: Whenever you want a pie (from freezer to plate) in under 5 minutes
Place frozen meat pie on a flat plate
Place one square of paper towel over the pie
Tuck each of the 4 corners underneath the meat pie
Place in microwave for 210 seconds
Await, one of the the world’s most recognisable ‘ding’ sounds
Remove pie, smile heartily, and consume

*Denotes the exact date you read this

^Here is a 7 second video of one i prepared just one meal ago (sound on please)