Even though you’ve arrived unannounced (and the house is far from spotless) I am happy to invite you in, knowing these familiar surroundings and circumstance.

We avoid a pair of sneakers, an extension cord and the vacuum cleaner it’s attached to, and make it to the kitchen unscathed.

As I ask for your preference of tea or coffee, I notice the sun’s rays on the bench are highlighting the remnants of my morning toast. Oh. Ok. You’ve noticed that too.

Yes, I’m still in my pyjamas even though it’s almost noon on a Sunday, but I’m not one of those people who thinks a 12.8 second, three-item grabbing clean-up, and a rapidly spoken “Sorry the house is a mess” is a way to greet my guests. Just to prove it, let me nonchalantly scoop the crumbs from the bench and patter them into the sink.

This ‘catastrophic situation’ is anything but that really because in these same moments, the house has a freshly vacuumed floor, the now crumb-filled sink and it’s surrounds are devoid of anything other than a sponge, and the air is filled with a strong and divine watermelon scent of the candle I lit a couple of hours ago.

Here it should be noted that I am not a slave to the house and it’s requirements, nor am I a clean freak. I am however, diligent with my housekeeping (note it is not housework), and here-in lies the basis of this blog.

Housekeeping is required, and it is time consuming, but I know it does not have to be exhausting. I also know that everybody has different ways of doing things, but I want to present the ways that work for me.

Overall, if everything is planned, has it’s dedicated time, and given the required effort, the result is rewarding for both me, and for my guest (in this case, you).

So relax, get comfortable, and stay as long as you want – which is my polite way of giving you permission to snoop around.

And finally… ENJOY… and may you never apologise for the state of your house.