Today I detailed the items in my lounge room Large comfy couch Little bit smaller than large comfy couch Couple nice cushions Canvas print on the wall Little round side table Couple footstools – each with a removable ‘lid’ for storage Console table with beautiful wooden bowl Easy to tend plant – in a bucket, […]

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Remote Control

Everybody who owns a TV will have a story to tell about the remote control (from here forth to be known as ‘the remote’). It may be about flat batteries (quick tip: smashing the remote against the base of your palm where it meets your wrist, will not bring the batteries to life). It may […]

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Neatly Does It

I reckon a ridiculously high percentage of people who have seen ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ will be able to identify and even ‘sing’ the famous “5 Note Theme” which the aliens use to first communicate with us. If you know of the film, you would agree this is probably the most memorable scene […]

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Once upon a time, a very old hammer’s handle broke – the wood splintered and was placed in a pile of old wood (neatly of course) to increase the height of the pile to a smidge over two foot. The son of the aforementioned hammer’s owner, upon witnessing the event, asked for the quazillionth time, […]

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