Remote Control

Everybody who owns a TV will have a story to tell about the remote control (from here forth to be known as ‘the remote’).

It may be about flat batteries (quick tip: smashing the remote against the base of your palm where it meets your wrist, will not bring the batteries to life).

It may be about the dog chewing it (quick tip: don’t ask your dog why it did it because you BOTH know that the remote aids in drawing your attention away from the dog).

It may be about the relative who kept the remote in a small plastic bag to preserve it (quick tip: it doesn’t), as they did with some of their dining furniture (which was almost certainly purchased from Franco Cozzo).

My favourite though is a story ‘pre remote controls’ which started with one sibling saying to the other, ‘change the channel because you’re closer’. Like these two brothers, it was just accepted that whoever was closest to the tv would have to perform said task.

All good and fair i guess, until ‘the closest’ moved themselves further away than the asker/demander and then spoke similar words… only louder. Still technically all good and fair but one time it became a down and out farce (laughter riddled thankfully) when in order to prove who was furthest away, the brothers ended up at the back of the property (some 30 metres from the television).

These days we are wireless, we have options to buy a universal remote, or better yet, our smart phones will suffice in performing the task once assigned to the closest viewer. But it is still not an ideal world we live in, as there is one problem that exits for many.

The discovery of this problem is likely accompanied by blasphemy, wild accusations aimed at anyone within ear-shot, an under the breath profanity or an over-the-top mimicry of the sound somebody makes when they’re frustrated.

All this you see, because the remote occasionally goes missing.

For all the possible reasons this event occurs, there is simply one solution – keep the remote within a dedicated caddy/organiser. Whether it is the type that hangs off the side of your arm chair, or whether it is one that holds your remotes upright as pen cups do pens, they are a must! Coincidentally, they keep your lounge room tidy and your emotions intact.