Made Scents

In the same primary school year that I wore shorts every day (as a well insulated chubby kid), I learnt my first French word, ‘fenêtre’. Sure, it was impossibly close to the Italian translation of ‘window’ but I was stoked because at 8 years of age, I knew THREE languages. For the remainder of the […]

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3 Ingredients + Salt

Preface. In the following instance, salt is deemed a seasoning. Epilogue On occasion, chicken wings invoke thoughts of ’90s commercials – click here. On occasion, chicken wings invoke thoughts of crazy tv characters dancing – click here. On occasion, chicken wings invoke thoughts of real people dancing – nothing to click here – and I […]

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Today I detailed the items in my lounge room Large comfy couch Little bit smaller than large comfy couch Couple nice cushions Canvas print on the wall Little round side table Couple footstools – each with a removable ‘lid’ for storage Console table with beautiful wooden bowl Easy to tend plant – in a bucket, […]

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Quiz Time

So I thought I’d break things up with a lengthy questioned, yet relatively short, quiz. Oddly, at least 30 more questions were available, but they were cut for interest’s sake. Rest assured, there are no wrong answers. In fact, there are only right answers because, and I quote (myself), “to have AN answer is to […]

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Take A Seat

Did you know that Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate is a molecule consisting of a long nonpolar hydrocarbon chain and a polar sulfate end group – the combination of which make it a surfactant? Or did you know that Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride is an organic compound that is a water-soluble quaternary ammonium derivative of guar gum? Not […]

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