Bluetooth Headphones

Swearing, in one short, sharp, outburst, when listening to music, or when you’re on the phone to somebody, means a handful of things. Stubbed your toe perhaps, or you’ve noticed how late you are? The list is endless, but I am going to give the one example that has happened to me (damn right that signifies past tense) at least a dozen or more time – getting the chord of my headphones caught in something like a drawer handle, for instance.

The resulting matrix style manouveres, and above mentioned swearing techniques do not help avoid disrupting the song I was enjoying, or the conversation I was having, and it is simply annoying.

How about we just avoid this situation altogether and buy ourselves some bluetooth headphones?

The options are many, but there are four types to consider. Just find a pair that are practial to your house habits and that logically, are comfortable to wear! Also, if you do plan to use them to make calls, avoid that “Der Fred” moment and ensure you get a set with a built-in microphone!

On Ear

These are the ones Cliff Richard starts using 20 seconds into the film clip for Wired For Sound. While you’re there, you may as well watch the remaining 203 seconds for reasons you will only determine after watching it.

For those of you who already know the reference, I ask… was it only me who thought the song starts off with Cliff telling us of his like for small and tall “people”?

Over Ear

These are the styles that mimic the shape our hands form when we place them to the side of head to block out noise… and not surprisingly, they are the best at achieving this. Subsequently, any sound that is transmitted to our ears will sound best – yet they are generally the largest and heaviest of the 4 options.

Also great for watching tv without disturbing others, and with the added joy of full sound immersion … for full effect, I dare you to use them (volume up LOUD), as I did to watch Under The Skin. Actually, I dare you to watch the movie, full stop.

In Ear (buds connected)

These are my prefered option because they are practical, effective, and affordable, and… that’s about it!

In Ear (Individual buds)

By far and away two things – the coolest option, and the ones that make people around you ask, “what was that?” when in fact, you’re on a call.

Travel this path if you can find the perfect ear tips (those little rubber bits that sit inside your ear), and sound heaven awaits you… along with a life devoid of expletives.