Bathroom Mirror

This is not a section dedicated to ways of avoiding splattering the mirror with speckles of errant tooth paste – because you’ll still do it!

“How” to clean your bathroom mirror is not what this post is about. As detailed above you can gauge it is relevant to “why” you should clean the bathroom mirror.

Plus, you’ve probably done one of the following (and hopefully not all of them) over the course of 24 hours.

    • Smeared it with finger prints
    • Wiped it with a fluff producing item
    • Used hair spray or deodorant
    • Coughed
    • Shaved
    • Popped that ‘ready’ pimple
    • Sneezed

Reckon the point has been made and hopefully acted upon. Find the technique that is the most simple and takes the least amount of time to clean your bathroom mirror – and let’s aim for every day, yeah?