Do not underestimate all it’s uses… actually, there aren’t that many… BUT… whether it be stove-top or electic, your good ol’ trusty kettle does need cleaning and maintenance.

Every now and then wipe the sides to remove an almost guaranteed droplet or 14 of splashed water, coffee or milk. It’s probably milk because sometimes that last millisecond of your pour results in a splash akin to a belly whacker – no matter how fast you think you can move your arm back to stop it.

Follow these simple steps (regularly) to keep the inside of your electric kettle clean.

> Make a mixture of half water and half vinegar
> Pour it into the kettle and bring to the boil
> Pour out, rinse, and dry the inside (good paper towel recommended here)
> Fill with water this time and bring to the boil
> Pour out, rinse, and dry again

As basic as this all is, I’m not sure why every new home does not come with one of those contraptions (that most office workers dream of) to administor instant hot water, and instant satisfaction. Actually, it’s probably because even these are prone to invoking a belly whacker splash of hot water if you’re not careful.