Aluminium Foil

Conversation starters

> Atomic Number is 13
> First foil rolling plant opened in Sweden in 1910
> Tobler first used aluminium to wrap their triangular shaped chocolate in 1911.
(Yes, the wonderful tasting Toblerone)
> 99.3% of children who are not shown how to correctly (and EASILY) break off a piece of Toblerone, grow up to be the same grimace faced Toblerone eating adults
> Not only do Americans ‘say’ Al-u-mi-num, they even ‘spell’ it as such.
> I didn’t think it was possible for only one ‘i’ to get lost in the translation of a 9 letter word between any two languages

Some practical uses

> Cover or wrap left overs
> Wrap frozen bread for work, and by lunch time you will have super fresh slices
> Cover the end of bananas so they keep longer
> Clean BBQ grills or an iron by scrubbing them with scrunched up balls of foil
> Iron clothes faster by placing a sheet beneath the ironing board cover as the foil reflects heat and subsequently, wrinkles disappear quicker
> Sharpen blunt scissors by cutting through foil a few times
> Line fruit and veggie drawer in the fridge to make them easier to wipe down, or scrunch up and replace in the event fruit or veg gets old and mushy and… blehhhh

‘If you’re bored’ instruction for usage

Take enough foil and cover your entire television screen
Cut out 5 small shapes/holes in the foil to expose part of the screen beneath
Mute the television
Play your favourite song (recommended to be 100 bmps or higher)
Switch off all the lights
Sit back and note how many times the emitting light marries up to the beat

Pardon me as I draft a couple of letters that have just to come to mind…

Dear Tobler,
Please include ‘fun’ instructions on your Toblerone packaging of how to break off individual pieces of your chocolate bar. Better yet, include a video on your website.

Avid Toblerone Fan

Dear EVERY social media platform,
Please ban the words ‘Life Hack’ when the ‘secret’ of how to break off their chocolate is revealed by Tobler.
Please do not allow a medium for some to proclaim to be all knowing and wise with this information, as subsequent ‘Life Hack’ videos will surface.
By stopping the creation and release of afore-mentioned videos, it may help these all-knowing experts to realise that it is merely ‘Life’

Avid Life Understander