Lint Removal

I don’t mind a Lindt ball, but I loathe a lint ball.

For many a reasons, our general clothing, woollen items, and DEFINITELY our socks will accumulate these tiny little balls of nuisance. These results of our mistakes, of the natural breakdown of fibres, of the fact our washing machine is not new anymore. Overall, this process is defined as pilling.

I have this issue predominantly with my socks because on occasion I wash all of them together and they are coloured either black or white. (This is not a physics related blog, so I will stick to my belief that these ARE in fact colours. For the record, Faber Castell, established 258 years ago, includes black and white items in their packets that adorn the words ‘coloured’ on them).

Post washing cycle, and as per the look and feel of my socks, i would suffer by this pilling phenomenon, and I’d be especially sad for the state of my trusty Nike sports socks (worth every damn “do these EVER go on sale” cent I pay for them mind you).

But woe befalls me no longer for the plight of my socks (whichever colour they may be), or my hoodies, or my slimming knitted jumpers, or my cotton sheets and pillow cases, or even my favoured Bonds undies, because I have found the fountain of youth for these items which have aged with (or way before their) time. Someone created (oh bless their ingenius and inventive minds) for ALL of us to use (insert a blinding, glowing aura and angels singing in one, high-pitched, and seemingly eternal note)…