Fabric Softener

I hope on the day you visit, I have just hung out a load of washing. Nothing kinky, and even though my undies will be on show, the true reason for why I insist on using fabric softener will be apparent. Don’t want to see my undies? That’s fine, close your eyes – it will only enhance my reasons as you inhale with heightened olfactory senses.

It’s true that I love my clothes feeling soft, and fluffy (like the aptly named brand), and even cuddly (like the similarly aptly named brand). Most of all, I love my clothes having a scent of freshness that no aftershave, deodorant, perfume, body wash, shampoo, or washing detergent can emulate.

Whilst I cannot tell you of it’s origins, it has been said (and repeated many, many times by myself) that smell is the closest thing we have to a time machine. It not only reminds us of a ‘time’ in our lives, but for the most part it also attributes a ‘place’. For instance, strawberry flavoured Hubba Bubba reminds me of being 7 years old and playing cricket in primary school.

This scent of freshness that i detail, i also hope others experience (via a warm hug, or a shared elevator ride with me) to help cast their minds to a place (if not necessarily a time) that they know to be clean, refreshing, and which brings them comfort (yet another aptly named brand).

PS – Shout out, and apologies to softly, as I could only manage 2/3 of the name above.