There is one thing rarely discussed when detailing ‘why’ something is a joy to eat – and that is TEXTURE.

For instance, I don’t like soft fruit, or soft veggies, and my dad doesn’t like hard fruit or hard veggies… or is that because of his denture? I can’t remember, but my point is that blended nachos would taste different to proper, made in the oven, nachos.

Herein lies the joy of Burrata – a fresh Italian cow milk cheese. The outer shell is solid mozzarella – and wait for it – the inside contains stracciatella and cream.

In case you missed that – this is a cheese that is filled with cream and a ‘quasi-set’ version of itself.

It should be served fresh, topped with a sprinkle of black pepper, and at room temperature. Serve it as a compliment to a platter of salad, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes and (OF COURSE) crusty bread.

For those whose mind just asked? Yes, it also mixes stupendously well with your choice of pasta. Um, did I mention the time I stirred it through some home made gnocchi with just a sprinkle of parsley???

In truth, I can not speak more highly of this delicious, and perfectly textured cheese.

Try it for yourself and provide me with your feedback.