Today I detailed the items in my lounge room

Large comfy couch
Little bit smaller than large comfy couch
Couple nice cushions
Canvas print on the wall
Little round side table
Couple footstools – each with a removable ‘lid’ for storage
Console table with beautiful wooden bowl
Easy to tend plant – in a bucket, on a stand, near the window
Couple more buckets to compliment the above
TV stand –  well, TV table
Wonderfully sized TV
Some other entertainment peripherals
(Holstered) remote controls for these

Here, I’ll explain why

Understanding basics leads to a successful outcome, and applying this knowledge is often so easy.

My ‘successful outcome’ is that without much effort, and with barely 20 items overall, I have a lounge room that is pleasant on the eye, practical in use, and comfortable for all occupants.

My ‘understood basics’ are the requirements of every lounge room:

Comfortable Seating
Occasional Table(s)
Entertainment Options