Flocked Hangers

I’ve always believed there is no greater sound to hear at random, to hear from my own mouth, or to incite from someone, than laughter. Even when I look at the word ‘laugh’, it makes me laugh.

L. A. U. G. H. equals “LARF”.

I know that a quick search on it’s etymology will give me the explaination of how this exists. Still, i find the following even more ‘hilarious’.

Add an ‘s’ to the beginning of the word ‘laughter’ and it becomes “SLORTER”. Add the word ‘man’ and you get “MAN SLORTER” – nothing strange there. Now, add a ‘space’ in the mix to create two seperate words, and you’re back at the beginning as you hear youself say “MAN’S LARFTER”.

I just love the English language and it’s many many intricacies, but how the hell did it became the universal choice?

Some things, even when explained after clicking on one of the findings of Google’s algorithms, just don’t make sense.

As Khan Pham pointed out one day after our Year 12 psychology class, “Why do they put the ‘P’ on the front of the word?”

As anyone who knows that a brick and a feather will land at the same time after they are dropped from the same height has thought, “What the f…k?”. For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, and the ‘WTF’ is instead your reaction to my reference, check it out HERE. (For the excited, the time poor, or the impatient – they are dropped 2.50 into the video)

On occasion, it’s even better when you don’t care about the why or the how something ‘doesn’t make sense’ because you enjoy it for what it is, or does, as I discovered after being gifted flocked hangers.

Through the genius of Joy Mangano’s application of a 3000 year old technique, these hangers HOLD THE SHAPE of your clothes even though they are the same shape than your other shitty one, and they’re actually even thinner!

No more creased items to be found on the floor of your wardrobe, and NO MORE DAMNED shoulder bump thingamajigees that ruined many outfits of my teenage years!

Allow me to save you another round of algorithm findings – KMART has them of course!