Sandwich Maker

Allow me to set the scene for the following post. To assist, can you please offer your imagination, and a means of counting for 30 seconds.

Use an app. Look at a watch/clock. Use the old  “ Elephant … 1… Elephant … 2 … Elephant … 3 … “ out loud technique.

Whatever you choose, do not let it detract from all the thoughts that enter your head during the 30 seconds after you read the words “White Bread”.

(Insert 30 seconds of time here)

Welcome back….

There is no one who would be able to occupy those 30 seconds without one (and possibly more) of the following thoughts:

Butter. Love it. Hate it. Bad for you. Gluten. Unhealthy. Carbs. Toast. Hotdog. Cut the crusts off and grab the remaining middle bit and scrunch it up into a ball and then bite into it.

White bread has touched the minds (even if not the lips and insides) of most people on Earth… and for me, it is consumed pretty much every day.

I can rant and rave about my love of white bread, and sometimes I do, but not today. Instead, I want you to imagine (calm down millenials, it’s a figure of speech) a food item so incredible (and once pretty much only available in the ‘white’ kind) that the GREATEST ideas or products conceived are fundamentally compared to the time mankind was able to purchase it ‘sliced’.

I can rant and rave about the hundreds of ways I have consumed white bread, and sometimes I do, but not today. Instead I will divulge the method I most prefer to prepare white, sliced, bread… and that is with a jaffle maker… a sandwich maker… a ‘Breville’… or a ‘toastie’ …

Growing up, we had the massive one that accommodated 8 slices of bread (and on occasion 8 slices of cheese), and that outlasted most of our other appliances (except the spare fridge in the back room that ended up pushing 50 years).

Just go and get yourself a sandwich maker, or dust off the one that has been dormant for at least 6 months – a phenomenon we owners of such an appliance recognise as being part of it’s existence. Be inventive and learn new ways to indulge yourself and sate your guests.


Our jaffle maker bought us so many joyful moments that we even made up a song when it was time to be used:
Four at a time…
Four at a time…
Four at the very, very, very last time…